7 Degrees Premiere

7 Degrees Premiere

Richard Morton and the team from RGB and Alpha teamed up with Daniel Goez (of Tapam Fame) to create an orgy of GT action. They spent four weeks shooting on what is considered to be one of the best saltwater fly fishing destinations on earth: Alphonse Island.

Pete and I have been dropping some titbits on the site as trailers and teasers have become available. We’re frothing for Seven Degrees.

And the grand premiere has arrived. For those of you in Cape Town, get to the Labia Theatre on Orange next Tuesday, 10 September for the screening. See the poster below. Email Richard and book your spot!

For those of you in Joburg: buy a plane ticket and get to Orange Street!

Also, they are raising funds for their next two movies – can’t wait to hear more – and have set up a page at Indiegogo. There are cool deals to preorder films, get your hands on some tackle or just to contribute! And they’ll add your name to credits if you like!

7 Degrees Premiere

Daniel Goez chats about Seven Degrees:

indiegogo intro video from alphonsefilm on Vimeo.

And has his goPro stolen by a GT!!!

Promo #2: A GT ate my GoPro! from alphonsefilm on Vimeo.

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