7 Degrees South: A Review

7 Degrees South: A Review

Arriving at The Labia Theatre (yes, the name may raise an eyebrow!) was quite something. The primiere of the much anticipated 7 Degrees South fly fishing movie had brought together an eclectic group of fishy people. And the turnout was awesome! Drinks, snacks and fish talk prevailed as friends, old and new, shared a stories and laughs together!

A brief introduction by Keith Rose-Innes, one of the stars of the show, the film got rolling and we introduced to life on Alphonse.

7 Degrees’ editing is crisp, the audio clear and it balances action with narration, artistic cuts and interview. The introduction, summarising current and past guides love for Alphonse Island, set a tone and standard that was followed through out!

The brief overall view of some of Alphonse’s major fly rod species was like a meet and greet with action that wasn’t overdone and got those who have tangled them itching for a rematch. And those who hadn’t wishing they had. The Milks, Triggers and Bones are favourites of any tropical fly fisherman and were given their due credit.

I was disappointed that a big doggie never came growling and while I understand completely the frustration that leads to barking and meowing but maybe this section would have been better a little earlier on in the movie. It does give the watcher a great idea of the diversity of the tropical reef system and crazy variety that one can dredge up off it!

The Permit section had me nursing harsh memories of fish missed and lost (and my girlfriend whispering in my ear that Serge’s Perm was bigger than any I have got! Bleh!) – those tails will always give me shivers.

But the star of the show was of course Mr Caranx Ignobilis. The atoll bully did what he does best – displaced huge amounts of water  eating large flies just before giving  the anglers a damn fine run for their money. It’s about time a fly fishing movie did some justice to these incredible fish! And if you want to learn how to fight one of these exceptional fish, just watch how Keith and Devan go old school tug-of-war with a couple of bruisers!

7 Degrees really does justice to a fishery that has been well managed and is a fantastic example of what can be. The hard work of the guides and island management over the years – Keith, Devan, Andrew, Scott, Serge, Graeme and others – is acknowledged through this fine piece of piscatorial cinematography.

Well done to Richard Morton, Daniel Goez and the team from RGB and Alpha. You guys put on a great evening and can be proud of an awesome production! This is a great watch for all fly fishermen but will truly be appreciated by those who have spent time chasing the finned offerings of the Seychelles Islands.

Thanks guys!

Do yourself a favour and get a copy for your collection. Copies can be ordered at the 7 Degrees South Indiegogo Site
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5 thoughts on “7 Degrees South: A Review”

  1. Great variety and different perspectives from the guides. Drool, Drool…
    Glad I made the trip – sorry I couldn’t meet any of you guys face to face, had to rush for a business function afterwards.

  2. You forgot to mention Andrew Mayo, exceptional fly tier, guide, and one of the most enthusiastic SW fly fishermen I ever had the pleasure to fish with. The first guide to get a client into a 5 species golden slam!

  3. My apologies to Andrew (have added him) and thanks for pointing out that omission! Everyone I’ve spoken to really enjoyed it!


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