A Lesotho Hog

A Lesotho Hog

And while Eastern Lesotho and it’s high altitude streams have been suffering, the Tourette Guys seem to be making things happen in the bigger South Western rivers.
What is most probably one of the biggest river fish – I’d love to compare this to some of the fish that have come out of Barkley East’s Langkloof river over years! – to have come out of a Southern African stream was recently landed by Pierre Swarts, a Tourette guide,
at their Makhangoa Community Camp.
Tipping the scales at 13lbs, it’s a bus! Big ups to Pierre!
From Mark:
“This fish was caught in early April during one of our reconnaissance trips. We noticed some big trout coming into the system at the end of the yellowfishing season so we were keen to see how the fishing would be going into the colder months when the yellowfish move out of the system and the trout start coming in to feed on the yellowfish fry.
This hen was taken in the morning in the pool just below camp on a floating line while nymphing. The water temperature was 12degrees. This was one of the 5 to 13lbs fish caught.
This same section of the river we have caught yellowfish, rainbow trout and brown trout.”

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