A Different Perspective – Guide Days 1

A Different Perspective – Guide Days 1

Most of my recent fishing forays have been spent behind my pointing arm playing guide. Although I never fish while guiding,  I tend to really enjoy these days out as I find they always force me to rethink habitual thought processes and be aware of a whole larger range of factors than what I’d normally, when fishing n my own or with a mate, need to worry about. No longer is it all about me – my cast, my drift, my fish – it’s suddenly all about the client and their cast, their drift and their fish.

I have found that the changed focus has rubbed off on my fishing. I’ve learnt a few things fishing wise from clients but most certainly gained so much from the altered point of view.

Whether its a point of view, technique, a laugh, an opportunity for a different angle behind the lens or just being quiet while a client beings a fish to hand, there’s always something to appreciate or learn…

So, starting here, I’m going to share photos and maybe a thought from various guide days I’ve had and will still have.

This particular day was quite awhile back with an Eastern Cape transplant, Jaco. I immensely enjoyed his dry EC humour, his slow, measured conversation – so typical of tghe Eastern Cape –  and his pure enjoyment of the day. Nothing could dampen his spirit, his eagerness and his appreciation of the surroundings. And the fish came to the party!

He reminded me what it’s like to just entirely and wholeheartedly enjoy a days fishing. He seemed more concerned about a fly in the bush than a fish landed by every fish that was landed was cherished.


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