A Farqing Hard Week

A Farqing Hard Week

Seems Pete and I got dealt similar cards.

While just being able to throw a fly in a fishery such as Farquhar is a treat, the stars don’t always align and you just have a tough week.

The summing up of the week: A week of missed opportunities.

Hosting the trip brought about its own new challenges that took me some getting used to. You’re not quite guiding but you’re also not quite fishing as you would normally. A great learning curve and I thoroughly enjoyed it – a group of really awesome guys who got involved and took on the weather to land some great fish.

Due to the weather, much time was spent Bommie Bashing and the Coral Trout population – and the rest of the coral dwellers – took some serious abuse. As did the bonefish on the sand flats north of The Gaps. The Geets got off a little easier with only 6 landed. There was many more lost to broken fly lines, misset hooks and a other reason we don’t want to talk about! Too many triggers were spooked or lost and even though I saw five big permit, it wasn’t my trip to finally land my trophy. My Bumpy quest has been put on hold (although hopefully Jako of Flycastaway will throw the urchin at feeding fish on the coral and send me a photo of it in a Bumpies scissors) due to the fat that I didn’t get a single shot at feeding fish on the coral flats.

The endless SE never ever gave us a proper clear day (several totally grey and rainy days made the sight fishing very challenging) and limited us to the available fishing area. Credit must go to all the guys for taking the weather in stride and giving the fishing a proper bash.

Once all the photos ave been collected, I’ll post a photo report of the trip.

Here are a couple off my goPro…


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