A Time To Explore

A Time To Explore

My move to the Qatar was based on a several factors – and strangely, for the first in my life – neither waves nor fish played any significant role in the decision. Obviously they were considered and the fact there is ocean surrounding Qatar allowed the choice to be made – despite knowing the lack of waves and total lack of info re fishing.

However, the move was made knowing that there is indeed fishing – and damn good fishing at that – to be had in Middle East. Regular stories out of Musamdam, Dubai and the Southern Omani coast have for a long time kept my interest particularly piqued. Pete’s Permit adventures and Dre’s GTs highlighted the possibilities down there. And let’s not mention the images and videos of success that Ray Montoya trickles out to the world.

I have been feeling the lack of waves and bent rods for the past three months. A few Queenfish at Qatar’s Inland sea and a few waves at a non-descript Dubai beachbreak have done little to quell the deep urge I have to chase these watery infatuations.

All city and little nature can made Fred and sad boy: 🙁

But things are falling into place. I’m saving – which is goal #1. Kind of found my footing in this mad crazy city that seems an endless construction site with a compliment of some of the worst drivers I have come across outside of Egypt! I’ve bought an old 99 Mitsubishi, now called Sayara (means car in Arabic!). She’s a beaut with rattles and bumps all in the right places. So things are looking up in terms of weekend missions to the lonelier parts of this desert coastline.

And on the 18th, Sayara and I will be taking a cruise through the deserts of the Middle East to the hallowed Permit grounds of Southern Oman. Passport is in getting the required Saudi transit visas, a mish mash of camp gear is being gathered and crabs are being tied – all in between the madness that is the end of term.

The plan is to duck through Saudi, stay with mates in Abu Dhabi, then up to Dubai for a night. I’ve got fly lines to pick up from Nick at Ocean Active and some catching up with good friends to do. Then it’s a long haul via Al Ain to Salalah. And I intend to do this trip Namib style – drive the beaches, camp where you want, and catch fish!

There's the basic outline! Should be fun :)
There’s the basic outline! Should be fun 🙂

And I’m super stoked that I’ll finally get to meet Permit Legend and tamer of Roosters, Ray Montoya. The plan is to meet somewhere in the South and spend a few days swopping stories and hopefully not getting skunked by Perms. Too much excite!

It’s doesn’t feel like I’m leaving next weekend and, like most good DIY trips, I’ll probably leave on the side of ill-prepared. But that is part of the adventure and the excitement…

This little montage of Ray’s gives a pretty good idea of what I’m for:

Some Permit love with Ray Montoya:


3 thoughts on “A Time To Explore”

  1. Fred,
    You’re a wild man!
    Safe travels , you have my contact info.
    I’m heading south on the 24th.
    Heading your way.
    Let’s hope for a Christmas perm,
    But I’d be pretty stoked with a nice bream, African, wave Garrick, Tailor, or Trev
    Something on the fly from a beach.
    Regardless, you’re in for a adventure.

  2. Pop into Al Ain and am happy to share some crab flies and advice on the best route to drive – there is a sneak which takes off 100 km – quite a lot when you are on the road for so long.
    I am heading down on the 26th for a solo trip, so might bump in to you if you are still around.
    Matt aka Beefy

  3. Matt and Ray, exceptional! I’m champing on the bit!
    Matt, I’m gonna take you up on that!
    Ray, anything from the beach will be bliss 😀


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