Amazon Woes

Amazon Woes

The nature of DIY fishing trips is that eventually, one will not be a success. While my Amazon foray wasn´t a complete failure, it most certainly did not live up to expectations.

A variety of factors played a role, including language barrier, pretrip misinformation, early rain and difficulty of access where I had been told access would be easy.

I did mange to catch and few Pirahnas though – but it did feel a bit like going to the Seychelles and not getting a bonefish! Which was fun.

And the Amazon itself was the most incredible wildlife experience. We saw giant otters, giant guinea pigs, bush pigs, several types of monkeys, wild parrots and macaws. Where the fishing fell short, the overall Amazon experience made up for it!

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  1. Dankie Koos! The bushpigs would have been great on the braai 🙂 How´s the fishing treating you that side?


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