Aussie salmon on sight

Aussie salmon on sight

Photo essay by Liam Surridge

We see a lot of nice fishing photographs on the internet, but only a few of those make us go “Wow! I need to experience that!”. Liam Surridge moved to Perth a few years ago and it seems he’s decided to stay for good. I don’t blame the bugger considering the grip’n grins and fishing scenes that he emails me. It includes Exmouth trophies, trout in Western Australia and also incredible footage of Australian salmon (a.k.a. kahawai) chasing teasers and flies on the surface. Here is a collection of photos from his trips in April 2016 so far:

1-The Toys small
Scouting 1
Chasing 6 small
Chasing 7 small
Chasing 5 small
Chasing 4 small
Chasing 1 small
Chasing 2 small
Chasing 3 small
Cruising kahawai small
Hookup small
Fighting kahawai
Fish 1
Fish 2

2 thoughts on “Aussie salmon on sight”

  1. Hi Liam
    Nice shots I like
    Would like to know what flies work best as I’m heading to week to Margaret river to visit my brother
    Francois Botha
    Ps never been in AUS before

  2. Hi Francois,
    for shore based fishing it’s purely a matter of finding fish… Good spot to try in the Margaret river region is Hamelin bay (where people go to look at stingrays) and find a school close to the beaches on the Margaret river (north side of the bay). They are generally not that fussy (although when they are small flies say 1/0 better). I find a large white deceiver in 4/0 size usually works a treat. They love poppers too and will smash any baitfish pattern when hot on the trot.
    Good luck!


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