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...but sometimes you get what you need. No doubt most fisherman dream of chasing big fish, in wild waters that are in  far flung exotic locations. We want to explore unfished rivers high, wild and hidden, we want to drift down deep jungle waters teeming with life, and we want to walk endless  exotic flats [...]

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IMAGES BY DOUGAL PATERSON About 5 years ago, Warwick and I spent pretty much every Wednesday night around his fire pit in his backyard. Our mutual love for kakpraat, overly large fires, beer and other mood enhancers saw us spending many nights into the wee hours of the morning solving the worlds problems, while our [...]


*** EDIT  - Since writing the below, I took my own advice and spent even MORE time on tying a pair of BEASTS, attempting to build a matching pair of BEAST Mullets... I kinda almost sorta maybe think I'm nearly there and may attempt an SBS of sorts in the near future.. added some pics [...]


A recent trip to Providence Atoll in the far outer reaches of the Seychelles, saw myself and Warwick tying up an absolute storm in the 8 months leading up to the trip.. regular "Whippet Wednesdays" sessions in Warwick's Garage, which has been converted into a flytying, beer and whiskey drinking haven, saw us furiously tying [...]

The F.O.K.K. – Full On Kob Kalamari

I've been messing around with Squid Patterns the last couple weeks, mainly focused on GT versions for an upcoming trip in March 2018... But after a weekend up at Breede recently, and getting into a few Kob on conventional topwater with JD, whilst the other lads knocked a few on fly, I got to thinking [...]


I made my usual Wednesday night Beer and Cigarettes visit to my good buddy Warwicks last night... Warrels as he's known to many ( and 1st Lady to a select group of others ) has recently returned to the Fly tying obsession after a long hiatus of throwing lures and stupid shit like that.. granted [...]

South African Flyfishing Expo – The Video

The incredibly successful first South African Flyfishing Expo was held at the beautiful Lourensford Estate a few months back... The Feathers & Flouro Team were super stoked to be invited to tie some flies and share some knowledge, and we all had a fantastic time... full credit to Gordon van der Spuy and his team [...]

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Magic Days – Can fishing be the cure for heartache?

I decided to drag out this piece I wrote about 8/9 years ago... thought'd I'd repost it here.. was originally published in the fantastic Fishing & Hunting Journal... "MAGIC DAYS: Can fishing be the cure for heartache? What do non-fisherman think about? This is a question I have found myself considering on numerous occasions in [...]

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Stream of Dreams – Sex Camp for Trout..

Above: Stream of Dreams silver slab... hope she's getting laid right now...  This cold and rainy winter weather has most of us down here in the Cape thankful that our beloved streams are getting some much needed water in them after an abysmal last 18 months..but it does mean, that we are not getting out [...]

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