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And so it begins... Over the last couple weeks, many of us have opened Facebook or Instagram to soon find ourselves open mouthed and drooling over the images of the fishery in and around Tourette Fishing's Sette Cama Camp in Gabon, mainly portrayed through the incredible lens work of TF Head Guide Mark Murray... This [...]

Yellow Submarine

I dunno about those Beatles and their whole "We all live in a Yellow Submarine" bullshit... Who the fuck wants to live on a submarine anyway.... ? God damn hippies... Just before Christmas I took a suicidal day off during the busiest time of the year, pissing off my business partners no doubt, to head [...]

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Under the Bridge…

Under the Bridge.. A Bridge over Troubled waters.... Don't burn your bridges... Bridging the Gap... We spend a lot of time using bridges as metaphors in this day and age... from old sayings like "Don't burn your bridges" that your grand parents always seemed to be warning you about, to modern bullshit "Ad Agency" vernacular [...]

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Into the Great Wide Open – Part II – Adventures on St Brandon’s Atoll

Continuing on from Part 1, which you can read here: Into the Great Wide Open - Part1 - Adventures on St.Brandons Atoll We returned to the Gryphon at the end of our first day out on the incredible flats of St.Brandons, to dinner on the back deck, and all of us bursting with tales of [...]

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Into the Great Wide Open – Part 1: Adventures to St.Brandons Atoll

“Into the Great Wide Open…Under them skies of Blue… Out in the great wide open…. A Rebel without a clue”… I wonder if Tom Petty had wandering fisherman in mind when he penned his 1991 classic… But whenever I’m off on a mission to chase fish somewhere off the regular grid, this chorus is never [...]

Who shot Biggie Smalls…

We all tend to want to fish secret, out of the way locations, with as fewer anglers as possible around... to have all the water to ourselves, to covet that solitude that makes up such an enormous part of or addiction to chasing fish... This quest for waters with as few people around as possible [...]

Not your Average Friday

Billy McCarthy is singing to me... The Augustines front man's soul is pouring out of my Land Rovers speakers, while the early winter countryside along the N2 east bound rolls past my window... the "Check Brake Pads" light on the dashboard  keeps flashing its orange warning at me, but I'm ignoring it... Its Thursday, I'm not [...]

A Bit of History, a Bit of Innovation and a bunch of Magic

Most of those interested in the pursuit of Saltwater fish with a flyrod, have no doubt heard the name of Flip Pallot... An early pioneer of chasing the worlds premier shallow water gamefish on fly, Flip is responsible for a huge number of innovations and techniques we take for granted in this day and age... [...]

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When the Gangsters move out the Hood…

Some of you may remember a little while back I wrote a little piece about the Gang Life of Urban Carp ( http://feathersandfluoro.com/?p=9897 ) and the thuggery and all the shenanigans that go along with it.... The dirt, grime, sketchiness and everything else that goes along with chasing Ditch Bitch Mudbones in those environments is what [...]

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Low Down Dirty Thugs – getting involved with gang life

As some of you may be aware, some of the folks here at F&F are kinda fond of the "low life" side of things...In other words we like to chase dirty fish on feathers...Yup, we talking about Carp...In particular, urban carp...We're not talking about the Golf Course pond variety, or the ones living in quiet [...]

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