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Gabon, I just can't help myself from returning to this place time and time again to chase tarpon off the beaches. Sure, the snapper, threadies and jacks are nice to catch too, but if I'm honest it's all about the tarpon. Tarpon off the beach - all I want for Christmas   I've [...]

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Meet the Humpback bream, the big-mouthed, baitfish-smashing Quasimodo lurker of the Southern African floodplains. In Issue 12 of The Mission, Leonard Flemming weighs in on how to catch him.   http://issuu.com/themissionflymagazine/docs/the_mission_fly_fishing_magazine_is_46fb6852ca8036/16?e=27338987/65671363   There's a sucker born every day. Photo Leonard Flemming

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Portrait of a Fly Part II. The JAM

Tying Jam flies is a laborious and arduous affair. But I would definitely tie a fresh JAM for every grunter I catch, if it was such a guaranteed business. Unfortunately it’s not. Many flies are tied without ever catching a fish; guess it’s the nature of grunter fishing. Until recently I did not have enough [...]

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Twinkle, two slams and the legend of the turd burger

Saltwater fly-fishing in the western cape can be a very unforgiving affair. Blank days are very common; in fact, it’s part of the parcel. But we all have those days when the river lifts her skirt and everything seems to fall into place. A while ago my buddies and I experienced this bounty. But nothing [...]

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Metro Kob

Traditionally the closest likely kob water to Cape Town are the  estuaries due East, about two and a half hours away. That all changed when Jannie Visser started to catch kob from the reefs on the eastern side of False Bay a season ago, about a 25 minute drive from the Cape Metropol. What struck [...]

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Bull shark down under

By Richard Schumann I recently had the good fortune of fishing some remote flats in Oz and on the day in question, I had had a good flats session and as the tide started running out, some good sized blacktip reef sharks moved onto the flat and I managed to pin one. Soon thereafter a small bull shark [...]

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Party in the Pancake Factory

Early season grunter fishing can be a serious hit and miss affair, but on a recent trip a few buddies and I scored auspiciously. On our second day, Jannie came across a pod of fish feeding on a sand flat on the edge of a grass bed, in fairly murky rainwater run-off. What made their [...]

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Portrait of a fly. Black Death

How many fish is a good tally to take on a single fly? I suppose it depends on the species. Taking 15 smallmouth bass on a single Meatwhistle is less impressive than pinning 5 kob on a single Spongebob, for instance. Some flies are special, almost as special as the fish you caught on them [...]

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