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The drive down to the Inland Sea is best taken at first light. There’s an incredible beauty to be found in the wastes of sand and salt flat that, no matter how you twist them, words and photos can never quite frame. And after the dog days and nights of the Arabian summer, despite the [...]

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Freshwater GTs? Juvis? No, fully grown! This was end of what sounded like a florally ludicrous conversation between two chaps I was fishing with. It was a long time ago, the fishing was good that day so I never again considered the statement. Until recently that is, when a friend sent me a video clip [...]

Lesotho Showreel

Richard White of Black Rock Productions was good enough to share this epic little showreel of a mission they recently did into Lesotho... "Scotty (@cartel_flyfishing) did some digging into rivers that should hold fish in them, then found the tributaries of those rivers which eventually led to the river we hiked into. Loaded with printed out [...]

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Beached Pigs and Walking Prawns

Long the dream of those who chase grunter, the fabled prawn is a phenomenon that occurs in South Africa's estuaries and lagoons. Kevin Flanagan and mates were lucky enough to hit it just right... From Kevin: Beached Pigs The modern-day fly fishing weekend warrior, can’t afford to pick a weekend with bum tides and unfavourable [...]

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Sometimes, it just takes a fish…

The drive in had been special. Up over Sani - that special pass into Lesotho which will soon be lost to tar - with a not so quick stop at Sani Top for a burger and Maloti Lager. We were on route to Katze to visit Ryan and Jen Weaver. The main road from Sani [...]

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Return to Grand Anse

A tropical flat – any shallow area of sand, grass and coral surrounded by warm azure waters – will always grab my attention and imagination. The first real flats fishing I ever did was on the sand spit in front of the now disappeared Mason’s Travel in Grand Anse on Praslin Island. The Seychelles have, [...]

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Nautilus X-Frame: First Impressions

Yesterday I picked up my new Nautilus X-Frame and I was immediately taken by its weight. It's just so light! Even now, after spooling, it almost feels too light to be a serious saltwater reel. But to be honest, once handled you realised what a solidly built, serious piece of kit this reel is. And it looks good [...]

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