About Gerald Penkler

To fish or not to fish is never the question, just what puddle, stream or ocean to try next.


Plop.  Greedy eyes swivelled towards the commotion. As they focussed, I swear she licked her fat rubber lips at the fry pattern hovering 1.5m away.  She stroked her whiskers, cruised over and slurped it down. A plan was coming together and this was a welcome change. No hesitation or suspicion.  Since moving to the Netherlands [...]


Mullet are suckers for a floating sand flea imitation. This is especially true along beaches where masses of sand fleas are writhing under every frond of decaying kelp.  This was not one of those beaches. On numerous occasions when action was slow, schools of mullet had me wishing that I had a few mullet flies [...]


Trout catch reports in August are always low for the big UK reservoirs. In the cooler depths, even with a DI8, they are hard to find. Especially when the reservoirs are 30m deep. But we had some toys.  We aimed to enjoy a sunny day drifting across the lake, talking rubbish and theorising why we [...]


Gold flashed and I ducked behind the shrubbery. In the pale morning light, a spectacle emerged. A thick black cloud of fry penned in by chub, barbel and bream. There was no urgency. The fish seemed to take turns at the soup kitchen. Fresh fish soup was on the menu.  They would slowly cruise into [...]


Sploosh. Another huge rat jumped off the shore into the river.   Their swimming prowess underwater is unreal. The speed, agility and comfort in water was surprising.  I am sure that pike are all too happy to snack on them.    Anyone who watches Fly vs Jerk will have seen the huge success of the [...]


"You won't land that fish", said Piet.  A sense of finality from the first glimpse of the huge shape passing under his canoe. The most bitter sweet fishing event I have experienced.   A family trip floating down the Orange river is magical. Relaxed, social, happy. The fishing pretty good too. The water was ultra [...]

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