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As fly fishers we are always dialed into the weather. Seasonal changes are picked up almost as second nature and as a hatch junkie, I get a strange excitement stirring inside, when almost subconsciously, I become aware that the sky starts to lose its summer haze. There's dew in the morning, a crispness to the [...]

Smallstream Surprise

Recently I decided to drop in on a new piece of water that's been haunting me. Blueliners will know how unknown possibilities can chip away at you. You just gotta scratch that itch. The water looked small , thin and off colour due to rains. Doubt started welling up as I "trekked" downstream to a [...]


I have been climbing into rivers for the past 20 years . First with the single minded purpose to catch a fish. I caught my first fish in flowing water on a river , which over time , became my companion and I its friend. We’d share our different moods and together welcome and take [...]


MC Caddis  is the short abbreviated name we use for Macrostemum Capense. A  big bug on my home waters , and since agricultural & industrial pollution has wiped out the Golden Stones on most stretches , probably the biggest hatching bug we encounter. The larval form of this caddis is what the locals refer to [...]

Ramblings of a Hatch Junkie : The Klinkhamer

THE KLINKHAMER I  started fishing this specific pattern back in 2007 and met with immediate success. Although I've always punted the abilities of the fly , its been slow to catch on - a blessing in disguise. Unlike the mayfly hatches where you sometimes have to go through a lot of fly changes [...]


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