About Jazz Kuschke

Jazz is a Garden Route estuary rat disguised as a freelance wordsmith. He began his career at Getaway magazine where he spent four years turning ever assignment into a fishing trip, before joining Men’s Health as features writer. After that he did a stint in the crazy-paced world of Sports Marketing at Red Bull. He went on the freelance trail in 2011 and his current active client base includes brands and titles as diverse as Red Bull, Pernod-Ricard, Oakley, Salomon, Men’s Health.

A.W.O.L – A sneaky workday Grunter session

Many people – mostly those in the full-time employ of someone else – think freelancers are always on holiday. Truth is, when you work for yourself you never really have ‘leave’ in the traditional sense. No graft, no pay. Sometimes then, you just have to disappear. This is a story of one of those days. Actually [...]

There’s always another river, somewhere

Trawling the Net in an effort to dig up some gems for a commission on 'lesser known' hikes I unearthed this: "The valley section of the six-hour circular will see you criss-cross an unspoilt river system, characterised by deep pools." This, less than an hour from where I sit. What lives in those 'pools' - [...]

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Meanwhile in Tanzania – the ‘Prawn Walk’ demystified (sort of)

Everyone has heard of the great Wildebeest Migration through Tanzania’s Serengeti and up into Kenya. This spectacular phenomenon is actually more than ‘just’ a wildebeest migration as includes (in far lesser numbers) zebra, as well as Thompson's and Grant's gazelles follow the trek for better grazing and water. As spectacular as it is in sheer [...]