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Most people that have caught Witte River brown trout would agree that they have a distinct look and feel to them. They are leaner, 'slippery like eels' and I guess arguably more beautifully spotted than most of the brown trout that we catch in other rivers in this province. They also don't behave like typical [...]


So I've been dreaming about a yellowfish fly fishing mission to the tropical parts of Africa for some time now, where - as Ed Truter recommended - one may need a short, '6 ft fly rod' to cast under a canopy of low-hanging trees. The higher reaches of African rivers can be very bushed in [...]


I've been playing with a new rod and reel combo, a Moonshine Epiphany 10'6" 3 wt (to get yours in RSA, contact Stream and Sea) and a pewter-coloured Predator 4/5 reel (tiny for its size, perfectly suitable for a 3 wt outfit) and it just feels so good. The rod is long and strong, so [...]


Natal scalies may be aggressive at times and eat big flies, but they are no pushover. We (Jeff Tyser, Ben Pellegrini and me) had many big yellow mambas swim over to check out our flies, but most of them either spat the fly out so quickly we couldn't connect with them (they sipped and spat [...]


Snowshoe is not regular in South Africa. I was introduced to this funky dry fly material via Instagram (the platform may have its pros and cons, but the pros still outweigh the cons for me so far...Like spotting great-looking fly patterns and 'new' fly tying materials). Materials I came across on Instagram, which I really [...]


Carp fishing for fly anglers in the Western Cape definitely slows down in the winter months. The fish seem to hang out in deeper water and the very important sight fishing element is lost - accurately placing a fly in front of a feeding carp is an important part of successfully catching these fish on [...]


Soft hackle and CDC Brassies should be in every trout and yellowfish nymph box; they imitate a variety of 'bugs' and have some serious mojo even on the slow days. I particularly enjoy fishing them patiently under an indicator in stillwater channels or deep pools where you can give them plenty of hang time to [...]


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