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It was mid-summer and I was eyeing the weather forecast on my cell phone in the gaps between uploading files and sending out work emails; I had been checking the weather the whole week, anticipating a perfect alignment of wind and tides for a scarce shot at kob from the beach. The tides were good [...]


Here is a little carp home movie I recently made - special thanks to Andre van Wyk and Tudor Caradoc-Davies for their contribution with camera work. The theme of the movie is 'Carp Giant' because they are not celebrated as much as they should be in the fly fishing scene - carp are in fact [...]


This is a step-by-step of the Tarantula Prawn fly that I, based on Neil Rowe's experience with tan EP fibre prawn imitations, used very successfully to fool spotted grunter and steenbras (see: Prawns in Tandem) in a Western Cape estuary. The articulated fly is a simple tie; it is made from a tan Enrico Puglisi [...]


(Part three of a catfish mission with Ofishally Babich) All photos by Terence Babich We all experience tough fishing trips and especially so in the last couple of years with the messed up weather patterns. It seems to be happening all over the world right now. What was predicted to be stable, warm weather turns [...]


In the previous post, ‘As long as it’s black and red’, I discussed the use of a fairly light-weight hook, the Dohiku #12 wet fly hook (type 644) to tie relatively sparse Zulu’s with variable sink rates – I have more recently also started using the Hanák #12 stillwater & wet hook (H 260 BL) [...]


(Part two of a catfish mission with Ofishally Babich) All photos by Terence Babich The gas stove lit up in blurry vision, my numb, shaking hand nearly getting burnt by the match in the process of calming a fierce desire for coffee. I woke up early, cold to the bone and the lack of sleep [...]


(Part one of a catfish fly fishing mission with Ofishally Babich) All photos by Terence Babich Wildebeest, oryx, hartebeest, springbuck and ostriches criss-crossing the dirt track aroused much interest, disrupting our normal discussion about fishing while driving to the river. From a distance the water looked like Yum Yum peanut butter (or as a recent [...]


We might have travelled to Iran for shots at big mangar (king barbus) with fly (read the full story of that trip in issue 10 of The Mission), but my fascination resided primarily in the myriad cyprinids I read about in scientific publications on pre-trip Google searches. There was also no shortage of strange fishes [...]