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Photography is a regular topic in my fly fishing circles. It seems like the majority of the fly fisherman that I know personally (and the rest of the world for that matter) enjoy a rather stereotypical view of fly fishing photography - that cheesy, easy peasy half in and half out shot of an angler [...]

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Former head guide at Alphonse (now back in the USA working for Umpqua) Alec Gerbec was kind enough to provide us with a detailed, pictorial step-by-step tying demo of his Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD), a killer pattern for triggerfish and other species:   RECIPE Hook: SL11 2H size 2 Thread: Danville 210 denier Weight: Flymen Fish Company [...]


We were all puzzled by Alec Gerbec's 'latest creation' clearly leading to the downfall of Alphonse triggerfish and parrotfish as photos of these fish with the fly sticking out of their maws travelled across the web in January 2018. The rubber curly tail reminded us of the famous Tequila Twister crab fly designed by Colby [...]


I have friends that boulder non-stop; even after getting injured. When a finger is tweaked or a leg hurt the zinc oxide tape is wrapped around the finger or limb for tendon or muscle support and climbing continues. When they chat they talk about bouldering; when they take a photograph it involves a boulder, someone [...]

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Fly fishing for trout and yellowfish in the Lesotho highlands in southern Africa The world is full of extraordinary fishes. Most countries have their own, unique fish species that the local anglers target. In South Africa, yellowfish of the family Cyprinidae are now most sought after angling fishes, but they are not well known to [...]

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I recently bought some of Ufudu's dumbbells and decided to get good variety with and without the lifelike eyes welded onto the sides. I obviously started tying flies with the 'pretty' ones first and soon ran out of the dumbbells with welded eyes. Just as well as I recently also received some Solarez UV resin [...]

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As promised, here is a detailed step-by-step fly tying post on the Nuclear Hare's Ear (a great fly for yellowfish, bass and trout): 1) I like to use natural rabbit fur for the tail of this fly; this is red rock rabbit fur from roadkill that I picked up on a climbing trip to [...]


By Gerald Penkler “GERAAAAALD”, shattered the night calm and echoed across the darkness. This was followed by a cacophony of banging and panicked shouting, before a gazillion candle power spotlight arced back and forth across the hillside as if searching for an escaped convict. In surprise, I looked down towards the camp and saw someone running [...]

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This post links up to a series of my favourite flies and the fish I catch with them. As mentioned in the previous post, The Natural Look, these flies are not necessarily new or spectacular inventions, but rather flies that have been tweaked to perform better under specific circumstances. The Nuclear Hare’s Ear is exactly [...]