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You don't judge a man by the size of his fly rod.


Catch and release is what we do. It’s how it should be, you know it and I do, so I’m not gonna preach to the converted. But if you’ve never watched a fish swim away thinking, “Oof, hope he’ll be okay,” you’re not exactly alone. So here’s a little pic dump of fish that made [...]


Whereas I won’t be caught dead driving fifteen minutes to target 40cm leeries, I’ll drive hours to hunt smallstream trout. In my favourite stream a 40cm trout is absolutely a trophy. It’s weird. Perhaps I just have different ideas of what good fishing entails in salt water as opposed to fresh, but then why do [...]


A large number of swimming prawns (almost certainly Penaeus monodon, aka Tiger Prawn) have invaded Southern Cape Estuaries at least as far south as Breede. This sparked some conversation here at Feathers and Fluoro, with resident science type JD wondering out loud whether or not they’d be followed by springer (Elops machnata, aka skipjack, ladyfish, [...]


For as long as SA fly fishers have been obsessed with grunter, misconceptions and heresies have spread about fishing for them. Noticeably, and especially in the Western Cape, many grunter hunters have focused almost exclusively on one ubiquitous grunter food, the mud prawn. But has tunnel vision inadvertently done us out of options? Yeah, maybe. [...]


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