African Waters location scout Ed Truter reveals the origin of his pattern, the Balbyter (Ball-biter). Perhaps the most lethal fly for yellowfish on Lesotho’s incredible


I always wanted to tie a fly of this color pattern. Got bored tonight and decided to tie one since the season has started…here’s the

Glow bugs

These flies are far from beautiful, but I would just like to share what I’ve done so far.

Calvin Du Plessis’s Musandam Sailfish

A Great day for my friends who fished the Musandam, Oman, today. Calvin scoring on a flyrod and two other guys hooked up on two other sails. A Video will be posted soon and I’ll update this page.

Grunters At Night

Going to farther and/or deeper doesn’t always guarantee you fish, because the best time for man to fish, isn’t always the best time for the fish to feed.

Who We Are

It all started after the trip of a lifetime to a tiny atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Two fishermen with different approaches,

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