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It took me forever to get to a process that resulted in consistent, perfect crustacean eyes.  The whole burned mono route is just too time consuming and unpredictable, with a static result set and almost no flexibility in colour. At some point last year I thought "screw it, I'm just going to dip mono in [...]


After my SBS I got an conspicuous email from Dean Riphagan from Frontier Fly Fishing - "Send me your physical address, I have something for you." Hate mail?  Letter Bomb?  I called Dean and he invited me over for a beer.  On arrival I queried what this mystery parcel was, and was pretty chuffed with [...]


The Hardy Fortuna's use of gaskets under the stainless screws in the drag system raised two massive questions; why the hell does no one else do it?  And why the hell isn't it done elsewhere? I had a few different Loctite Gasket maker versions in the garage and the 598 Black worked beautifully.  If you've [...]


Herman Botes is the most enthusiastic fly fisherman I've ever fished with.  I had no idea just how obsessed he was until I recently began my forays onto these inland streams and read back to the amazing posts he wrote for us.  Insects to Herman are what crustaceans are to me and this new world [...]


It shouldn't have come as a surprise that the one pattern that stood out on the trip involved spun foam.  We just cant seem to get away from it lately.  Whether its hydraulics on the tail created from the foam or some other underwater phenomenon - there is something about it that just works. I spent [...]


Drove 8 hours today to Upington and tomorrow morning I set off to base camp on my first ever multi-day drift trip with the guys from Mavunganga.  I missed two drifts with Ewan in similar territory, and I'm constantly reminded by his whatsapp profile pics featuring oversized yellowfish and incredible scenery. He assures me that [...]


If you search for this SBS you'll quickly discover that the internet sometimes isn't forever.  Dead links, media servers that have vanished or migrated, the Bauer Flats Crab SBS practically disappeared off the internet.  Its DNA apparent in other patterns like the Contraband Crab, which has largely replaced the Bauer in younger fly fishermans boxes. [...]