About Platon Trakoshis

Can't leave fishing alone and all the better for it. Owner of Lucky Fish Productions, when he's not shooting films he's fishing, taking his boys fishing or spending time with family and often tying flies.


On Friday I blanked, well sort of. I had planned on an epic float with Nick van Rensburg of Flybru, down a section of water that I had a ball at the week before. We were psyched and the dingy was already packed in the back of the car, electric motor battery charged up, but [...]


Glossy, durable, flexible and perfect for fly tying. In Pattex 100% Platon Trakoshis believes he has found the ultimate fly tying glue for building baitfish heads Glue. It’s always such a big question and discussion with fly tiers. “What did you glue the eyes on with? How did you make that head? What are you [...]


Having to channel all my fishing desires into fly tying like many others in these strange times I have been honing some pattern ideas for carp. One fish food source that is abundant in most freshwater bodies is tadpoles and around here they are about all year round. Like many creatures, hundreds are born to [...]


Kids are pretty different when it comes to learning how to fish. Those that are completely obsessed with all things fishy, to those who really enjoy it but have other things to keep them happy and then there are hopeless cases.


A whenwe is a former British settler or expatriate who talks nostalgically about their former homes in colonial Africa, i.e.: "when we lived in..." (the origin of the term). In my case "When we were in Rhodesia...". But I’m Zimbabwean and do sometimes harp on about the fishing in Zimbabwe and would love to go back to some old haunts [...]