About Platon Trakoshis

Can't leave fishing alone and all the better for it. Owner of Lucky Fish Productions, when he's not shooting films he's fishing, taking his boys fishing or spending time with family and often tying flies.


"Hot and wet, thees ees the best time for the black bass" - said in a strong Greek Cypriot accent. As I looked outside at a hot and rainy day full of excitement for the fly fishing we had planned for farm dam largemouth bass, these words from my uncle Arkis echoed in my head [...]


Lockdown - I'm tired of hearing it and avoid the subject these days. But during the lockdown, my fly tying station was my psychologist. Years ago my tying desk was in something close to a cellar, the living space was two floors up. My wonderful wife, Belle, wouldn't have any of this so she bought [...]


On fly fishing on the Orange River... Were we going to get lost?  That was one of our main concerns leaving Cape Town. Our mode of transport was Warwick Leslie's Alu-Cab Hilux, the ultimate overland machine, we could have gone to Cairo in it. But we weren't, we were on our way to the Orange [...]


On Friday I blanked, well sort of. I had planned on an epic float with Nick van Rensburg of Flybru, down a section of water that I had a ball at the week before. We were psyched and the dingy was already packed in the back of the car, electric motor battery charged up, but [...]


Glossy, durable, flexible and perfect for fly tying. In Pattex 100% Platon Trakoshis believes he has found the ultimate fly tying glue for building baitfish heads Glue. It’s always such a big question and discussion with fly tiers. “What did you glue the eyes on with? How did you make that head? What are you [...]

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