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It's a "secret" valley high up in the Southern Berg that I have written about several times before. I even named my blog after the stream. I have decided that there's no point trying to keep places like this a secret. It's too remote and inaccessible for 99% of people to venture up there. I [...]

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While fishing the beautiful Elandshoek River, I discovered, for myself, a method of small stream dry fly fishing that I will certainly be using the next time I'm out and the going gets tough.

Forgotten Rivers of the Tribal Lands

Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape have plenty of fantastic river fishing which remains almost completely unknown to most fly fishers.  I consider these streams the hidden jewels of trout fishing in this country. My father grew up fishing many of these streams when he was at school and university. He often spoke of the [...]

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Winkling Trout from a Stream so Small

Delighted to break my run of blank days. Winkling trout is a phrase that Andrew and I came up with today while exploring a new stream in the Transkei. What does it mean? Well imagine fishing a stream so small that you can cross it pretty much anywhere without getting your feet wet. [...]

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Mountain Meditation

Unfortunately this is becoming a regular theme. Rex goes off fishing in some beautiful stream, blanks yet again, gets mocked by his wife and writes a story on where not to fish. You must be thinking that I'm a pretty hopeless fisherman. If you are, well you not alone, my wife chirps me non-stop. I'm [...]

Rediscovering My Old Haunts

The Natal Drakensberg and the Eastern Highlands of Lesotho are the most  beautiful place I know. I have travelled fairly extensively and hiked in mountains such as the Himalayas,  the Alps, Mt Kenya, Mt Kilmanjaro, New Zealand, and the mountains of the Western Cape. Maybe I'm a bit biassed about what's right on my doorstep [...]

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