Rediscovering a Treasure

On a recent family hike into the hills I was over the moon to rediscover a fragile population of Brown trout that I had assumed were wiped out in the drought.

Pockets of Gold: Lesotho’s Elusive Brown Trout

Nothing in fly fishing excites me and intrigues me more than a big Basotholand Brown trout. We all know how spooky and difficult to catch a Brown can be. Now add to that some mountains, crystal clear water, bright sunshine, and there you have the ultimate fly fishing challenge.

The most well known Lesotho Brown trout are those inhabiting the Maletsunyane ¬†and Bokong Rivers. I haven’t fished either of these rivers but from what i know, the Maletsunyane probably has the biggest fish of all Lesotho Rivers. Unfortunately it’s only in a few km of river between the Maletsunyane Falls a wier above Semonkong town. This section of river has some very heavy angling pressure due to it being such a short section of river and having a popular tourist attraction and lodge close by. As much as I enjoy catching Browns and especially big ones, this river doesn’t appeal to me. I believe there are some big Browms below the falls but they are few and far between.

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