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"On a daytime drive through the pampas one would be forgiven for thinking that the wind- blown surroundings look harsh and dull, all but featureless and monotonously brown, but there is a secret magic that happens when the sun gets low. They say that Magellan named it the “Land of Fire” because of the natives’ [...]

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In case you missed them, here's a round-up of recent Salad Bar gear we think is worth a gander: PATAGONIA – MIDDLE FORK PACKABLE WADERS For when you’re going on a trip and you’re not sure what fishing is available. For when it’s between seasons and you’re not sure if you should be wet wading or [...]

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NOW THAT THE DUST has settled on the Fly Fishing Film Tour, you'd imagine we would be able to focus on getting shit done. We can't. And for that we blame the tours films. The worst (or the best) of the lot when it comes to distracted daydreaming was Atlanticus. From the "baby" poons smashing [...]

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If you are a purist and if the idea of a squirmy worm offends you, then look away now because this four-legged squirmy monstrosity will violate your sensibilities in every possible way. Problem is, in the tricky surf wash of the South African West Coast and on Namibian shores, it's proven to be a damn [...]

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OUR MIX for Issue 10 is "Dre's Eclectic Sleigh Ride" from Andre van Wyk (aka @nepptuna) a regular contributor to the mag. Check out his story on smallmouth bass in Issue 1 and "Low-Riding Avocado Salma Hayek" in Issue 5. It is just that, eclectic, so expect anything from JJ Cale, to SOJA, The Traveling [...]

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LET'S LAUNCH INTO THE WEEKEND with a few green monster vibes. Two of The Mission's readers have won themselves a one-of-a-kind Swift Epic Fibreglass Rod. Was it you? In issue 5, we featured Da Riddim Stick, a unique dry fly wizard wand in Rasta racing stripes based on Swift Epic's nude 480 4-weight blank. From [...]

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THIS WEEK at The Mission: We interviewed Oliver White for the next issue and had a great chat about fishing (duh), plastic (obvs), Arapaima (fokken huge), Lesotho, Sudan, Wall Street, North Carolina, his family, his dog Bono, his Ford Bronco and more. On the subject of Ford Broncos, we drooled over this Fearless Ford Bronco. [...]

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