About Tudor Caradoc-Davies

Tudor is the editor of The Mission Fly Fishing Magazine. A former staffer on GQ, Best Life and Men's Health magazines, he writes for a wide range of magazines. He also works on books, from ghostwriting memoirs to writing and editing best-selling cookbooks.


The Mission caught up with film makers and guides Thomas Enderlin and Federico Hampl to chat about their film, Machaca - A Botanical Tale, (currently on the Fly Fishing Film Tour lineup) the species itself, and what else fly fishing Costa Rica has to offer from rainbow bass (guapote), tarpon, trout and more. For more [...]


Chasing the elusive labeobarbus grand slam, Leonard Flemming discovered he had missed his mark when the chiselmouth goal posts were moved. "There are a few things that need to be achieved by a fly fisherman in South Africa before a date with the Grim Reaper (or the day you emigrate). Here's hoping death comes first, [...]


While the rest of us went through Netflix re-runs this year, freelance guide James Kirsten escaped to Red Rock River Camp on the Orange where he lost himself in the gorge. The Gorge near Red Rocks on the Orange river "Lockdown!! The world gone mad.  Everything is locked down; cities, suburbs; public transport [...]


The colour of Barney the dinosaur and with an appetite for hippo dandruff, this bush beauty is as weird and wonderful as Leonard Flemming reports. Just be careful of typos when you Google it and crocs when you look for the purple labeo. WHAT The hippo, the Nile crocodile and the purple labeo (Labeo congoro), [...]


In our social media age of non-stop self-promotion and faux-modesty, there are a few anglers that seem not only to develop an aura that demands respect, but that somehow manage to do it off-line, above the wash. Navigating myths, rumours and legends, Jazz Kuschke discovers that, if you’ve heard any kind of story about Mark [...]


With the southern hemisphere’s winter upon us, there’s no need to mothball the Weber when you could be dishing up a steaming bowl of delicious chili on a cold night.  For issue 22's Munchies page, we got this cracking recipe from BBQ guru Matt Moore. South Africans love a braai, Americans love to grill. They [...]