About Tudor Caradoc-Davies

Tudor is the editor of The Mission Fly Fishing Magazine. A former staffer on GQ, Best Life and Men's Health magazines, he writes for a wide range of magazines. He also works on books, from ghostwriting memoirs to writing and editing best-selling cookbooks.


"It's still gloomy outside, but in the predawn darkness I take refuge under a streetlamp next to my car and start gearing up. I follow the usual routine; first inflate my float tube, then rig up my fly-rod and finally I get into my neoprene pants and splash jacket. While I'm busy doing my thing, [...]


Got nine minutes to spare? We suggest you lose yourself in the lowland rainforests of Costa Rica while watching Machaca - A Botanical Tale featuring the Tropical Fly Collective (Tom Enderlin and Federico Hampl) chasing their quarry, the Machaca. Our Wish List Fish in issue 20, while these aggressive piranha cousins look have the teeth [...]


Forget the gaudy colours of its Indian Ocean brethren, the Ocean triggerfish is the Anna Wintour of the entire goofy, bucktoothed clan. In issue 26, Gerald Penkler gave us the low-down on these toothy scrappers. WHAT: Dynamite comes in small packages. Up to a 70 cm and 6 kg parcel in the case of the [...]


We catch up with travelling guide, Johann du Preez, on the subject, the location and the challenges involved in his latest project, a short film about fly fishing for the strange, massive, air-breathing arapaima (one of world’s largest freshwater species) at Rewa Eco-Lodge in Guyana.   What’s Guyana like? The most notable thing about Guyana [...]


Deadly on stillwaters, but essential in pretty much any freshwater fly box, the Skinny Damsel also covers many essential fly tying techniques and tips. In this quick video, Gordon van der Spuy, aka The Feather Mechanic, shows us how to tie the Skinny Damsel. For more on this pattern and other brilliant fly tying advice, [...]

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