About Tudor Caradoc-Davies

Tudor is the editor of The Mission Fly Fishing Magazine. A former staffer on GQ, Best Life and Men's Health magazines, he writes for a wide range of magazines. He also works on books, from ghostwriting memoirs to writing and editing best-selling cookbooks.


Channeling a beloved ‘90s metal album, Tudor Caradoc-Davies visits Jurassic Lake Lodge in Patagonia and loses his mind. "I think about Faith No More’s 1995 album King for a Day… Fool for a Lifetime, a lot. I only became acquainted with it in 2003 when I spent a year in Germany washing dishes, playing rugby [...]


South Africa’s most celebrated fly fishing author, Tom Sutcliffe, on the ability to create an imagined reality out of words. In short, living your fly-fishing in print. To illustrate his point, he makes a selection of the best fly fishing books ever written. “If modern anglers aren't reading angling they're missing out on one of fishing's [...]


Guess who's back, back again? Rolf is back motherfakaaaaaaz, that's who! Our favourite Scandinavian fly fishing film maker (not as niche a tribe as you might think), Rolf Nylinder, is back with his crew from Podsol Fly Fishing with a new full length film of just over an hour long. With the regular crew of [...]


It’s not just us desk-bound schlubs who have dream fish. Even those who live in fishy paradise have bucket list fish they want to tick off. On Christmas Eve, Santa came to visit the Outer Islands of the Seychelles and he paid a visit to guide Cameron Musgrave on Cosmoledo. "I have had a guiding [...]


THE BEATS – BRIAN CHAKANYUKA Alphonse Fishing Co’s media producer Brian Chakanyuka spends a lot of time out on the flats of the Seychelles Outer Islands making guests look good. “Drop your chin, Yevgeny! No, the other one.” "Brian steps from behind the lens and takes the rod. The Flats Smurf points out a [...]


The most remarkable part of this trip was 'The Day'. The GT day. Or to give it it’s full name, what Milan Germishuizen described as “The wildest GT fishing day in St Brandon’s in a while”. From my prime position in the front of the skiff, faaaaaaaar in the distance I made out the dorsal [...]


Mark Schwartz and his longtime fishing buddy (and fellow disabled angler) Duggie Wessels took on the might of the Lakenvlei farm gate security system. Hilarity ensued.   Monday – I call Duggie. “Dude we need to get to Lakies.” He agrees. A call to Cape Piscatorial Society seals the deal. On Friday we are off [...]


TROUT! BEER! BEARS ! A LIKE-MINDED TRIBE! Tudor Caradoc-Davies  visits Montana and finds a home away from home. "The full title of Sacha Baron-Cohen’s 2006 Borat movie is Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. In it, Borat, the clueless and incredibly inappropriate ‘Kazakh’ that Cohen plays, blunders around the [...]