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Tudor is the editor of The Mission Fly Fishing Magazine. A former staffer on GQ, Best Life and Men's Health magazines, he writes for a wide range of magazines. He also works on books, from ghostwriting memoirs to writing and editing best-selling cookbooks.


Brendan Body, aka Boderick, aka Bod, aka Hoender, aka Pterodactyl Toes and many other monikers, is a seven-foot-tall human giraffe with verbal diarrhoea, skateboarding injuries, claws for feet and a penchant for bad behaviour. Bod operating under the strict supervision of Bailey, The Mission's spirit animal. He’s also our art director, the man [...]

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...ABOUT WHERE YOU GUIDE? Simon Hunter Bunn of Hunter Fly Fishing, our High 5s guide in issue 14, lifts the skirt on the rivers he regards as his home waters. 1. Quality waters - everything else is just a bonus. Where I work in Slovenia, the crystal clear water of the Soča River is absolutely [...]


WITH THE RELEASE of Goodoo, the new Murray cod film from Josh Hutchins' (aka Aussie Fly Fisher), we've been looking back in the archives at when we featured this impressive indigenous Aussie species as our issue 4 Wish List Fish. For the WHAT, WHERE, HOW and WHO of targeting these freakish freshwater behemoths, check it [...]


If you ever find yourself around the south east Zambian shores of Lake Tanganyika, nkupe (aka Giant Emperor Cichlids), a beefy African cousin of the Amazon’s peacock bass, warrants your attention. Gareth George, of television show WildfFly Fishing Series, is one of the few to target them on fly. In issue 14 of The Mission, he reveals the what, [...]

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"Some fish are meant to come to hand, while some seem doomed from the second the hook up happens. My fish was a bit of both.  The swing had finished and I’d begun to retrieve to set my next cast in the lie. I felt a rock or two on the fly, and, not completely concentrating, [...]


The mighty Zambezi River, specifically the Batoka Gorge below Victoria Falls is under threat from a hydro-electric power scheme. Aside from the Falls being one of the seven wonders of the natural world, the gorge below them is an area that attracts thousands of visitors each year for the white water rafting, the rare bird [...]

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SOUT RIBBETJIES WITH SALSA VERDE (aka groen sous you larnie) Like après-ski, après-fish is serious business. Chef Kyle Knight of The Shop in Seapoint, Cape Town, weighs in on his go-to munchies after a day on the streams. “When it comes to fly fishing, I cut my teeth on the Vaal River chasing yellowfish. It’s still [...]

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In 2017 we ran a competition with Swift Fly Fishing, where a lucky reader won a one-of-a-kind Epic 476 Packlight fiberglass rod. As luck would have it, the guy who won it was Cameron Cushman, a DIY fly angler, glass fan, photographer and film maker from Florida, USA. That rod, dubbed ‘The Motivational Carrot”, appeared [...]

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