The Senior Protea fly fishing team (SAFFA) is headed to Slovakia for the 2023 fly fishing world championship, and need some help to get there.

In an effort to raise funds, the team have put together a raffle (at R250 a ticket), for which there are a number of prizes available. This includes location stays in Cape Town, Eastern Cape and Plettenberg, optional guided fly fishing trips, and various gear prizes. View the PDF below for more info on the prizes.

Enter the raffle here.


Additionally, participants who purchase more than 5 tickets, and reference Protea captain Brett van Rensburg in the online form, will be in the running for a private clinic with Brett worth R2000 in the city of your choice. The standalone clinic will include:

Instruction and demonstrations on specific riggings and techniques.

Casting techniques on how to better present flies to fish, including nymphing, dry dropper and dry fly presentations. 

Fly selection for specific conditions and tying instruction.

Entomology and how environmental conditions affect insect life, both below and above the surface of the water.

River reading to understand how currents, structures, and underwater features affect fish behaviour, and how spending time on the right piece of water will improve catch rates.

Learning proper catch-and-release techniques.

To enter for Brett’s bonus prize, you should:
Complete the form.

Buy 5 tickets or more.

Put Brett van Rensburg as the angler selected.

Make payment.

Provide “Brett’s Clinic” as the reference in the Proof of Payment.

For more information regarding the world champs, visit

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