There’s been a noticeable consumer shift over the last decade or so (roughly how long we’ve been paying attention) towards destinations and outfitters who actually give a damn about where they do business. We’re talking about eco-friendly fly fishing operations that don’t only offer a great fishing experience, but also put in a demonstrable effort to contribute to the the environment, the community and the country  they operate in.

African Waters (formerly Tourette Fishing) with their Makhangoa Community Camp in Lesotho on the Bokong River springs to mind, as does Blue Safari and Alphonse Fishing Co, with their conservation efforts in the islands and atolls of the Seychelles, and Kalahari Outventures with their approach to hiring and training locals to work as fly fishing guides on the Orange river (more on that here).

Across the Atlantic and deep into the Amazon you’ll find another operation, Untamed Angling, who are doing good things for the communities and the areas that they work in. Being the operators behind incredible destinations like Tsimane, Pirarucu, Kendjam and Marie, we’re used to seeing amazing fish porn clips from them, so it’s a great change of pace to see in this short video about eco-friendly fly fishing, the waters and fish species they help conserve and the contribution they make to indigenous tribes in Bolivia and Brazil.

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