We don’t waste time on carp flies, because carp aren’t exactly kings that only dine on the finest roast, right? They also thrive in mud holes that muck up flies in one outing, so why bother tying beautiful flies for them?

Right…And that is also why most of my carp flies look like crap, but they catch fish, so I’ve never bothered to make them look better.

Until recently, when I ordered a custom-crafted carp landing net from Trutta Angling with a silicone bag to protect the serrated fins of the many large cyprinids, including carp, I enjoy targeting on fly. The net, however, was so beautiful that I simply had to up my carp fly game to try match the quality of the net:


Special carp net in the making! By Shaun Futter (Trutta Angling)



I didn’t come close to Shaun Futter’s exceptional handiwork, but in an attempt to tie prettier flies than usual, I came up with these slightly more bling flies for carp (the materials used for the bodies of these flies included blue peacock eye feather fibres and UV black dubbing) – and boy are they working well!


Blue peacock eye carp jig ribbed with copper wire


And a blue peacock eye carp jig ribbed with black wire


Carp feeding in the shallows loved a blue peacock eye carp jig – photo by Myburgh van Zyl


A small carp jig tied with UV black dubbing


A slightly more classic Zulu-type carp jig tied with black dubbing and gold rib.


The sharptooth catfish also liked the new carp jigs – photo by Myburgh van Zyl


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