Over the years I’ve seen some rad footage of the Aussies catching blue groper. They’re these big, blue epic-looking fish. And they definitely tick the boxes of a fish I want to catch; good looking, lives in rugged conditions, and eats crabs! And it’s not, as its name suggests, a grouper but rather a wrasse. It seems it got mislabeled groper due to its size! And as if the Aussies didn’t have already have enough insane fishing, this chap is found only along the southern coast of The Land Down Under.

Now, haven’t come across Gido’s Fishing Adventures on the interwebs, you may be living under a virtual rock. Gido does some really rad shit! Like abseiling into caves to camp and fish. I reckon he and Jimmy would get on bloody well. A while back Gido posted an Instagram clip of himself catching a blue groper on a live crab (I think) right at his feet. The footage had a few of the feathers chaps daydreaming about how tits it would be to do it on the fly.

Then, a couple of days ago he posted this:

Shit did I get excited! I’ll probably not get the chance to ever throw a fly at these but it’s so awesome to see someone doing the time and pinning them on fly. After a bit of digging, I found out that Gido first got them on fly several years ago – check it out HERE – and catches them fairly often on fly. He was also the first to get them on the fly.

He was good enough to send some blue fish porn for our enjoyment!

blue groper on fly
Probably one of the sicker pics I’ve seen in a while!
blue groper on fly
Puckered up wrasse lips!
In low range… Gido locking down.

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