One of the nicest guys in fly fishing, I met Bryan Gregson a couple of years ago at the ICAST/IFTD show in Florida. That’s the funny thing about a show like that – especially for a South African – you get to put faces to names and meet half the people you’ve followed online.

I’d seen Bryan’s images for years and then suddenly by way of beers and some random decisions, the one evening after the show I found myself cruising in a big Suburban with him, Jim Klug and other guys from Yellowdog on the way to a bar or restaurant. At the time, Bryan had this massive passion gap between his front teeth, which he seemed totally unfazed by. For once, I was too polite to put my foot in it and ask what happened. I think with his cap backwards in signature style, I just assumed he was a Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel at heart. Turns out, as you will see in this short film, Trout Season – The Misfit Saviours from Sage on Bryan, there’s a good back story to his missing teeth and his career in general. Check it out.

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