Bullshark vs Hippos

Bullshark vs Hippos

Out of Africa, always something new. Bullsharks have been recorded hundreds of kilometeres up the Zambezi and other rivers. It’s even believed that there is a breeding colony behind the wall of Cohora Bassa – “It is widely believed that there is a breeding colony of Zambezi Shark “trapped” inside the dam. As the Bull Shark is known to travel more than 100 km upstream, this phenomenon does not conflict with existing scientific and biological fact. In particular an ocean-dwelling species, bull sharks are perfectly capable of living in fresh water for their entire lifespan. Local tribes have indeed reported sightings (and attacks) by this isolated community of shark, although these have yet to be substantiated with hard evidence.” – Wikipedia

This is video footage of a small bull shark agitating a family of hippos in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This rare footage was captured by 30-year-old tour operator, Stacey Farrell from Heritage Tours and Safaris.

It’s incredible interaction between two species who hardly ever meet!



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