In his recent blog post, CARP – A MINORITY REPORT, My esteemed Feathers & Fluoro colleague Dr.Leonard Flemming took a bunch of (admittedly quite good) macro images of some carp, a fish he is so obsessed with it borders on the romantic.
But, in the preamble to present them, the duplicitous bastard had a go at all sorts of other approaches to fish photography, most notably the half-in, half-out shot many of us have worked hard at trying to perfect

Here’s the thing, Len is a notorious mielie-forker, renowned for shots that exaggerate the size of fish. And yes, he loves a half-in, half-out shot too. He even states how much he loves David Tejedor Royo’s ( @davidpikefly ) pics, many of which are half-in, half-outs.

I asked a few of the other Feathers crew to comment on Len’s Judas Iscariot about turn and they had this to say:

Fred Davis: “Really weird that Len would take pot shots at a style of photography he loves so much. It’s non-sensical, like when Brad cheated on Jen with Angelina.”

Ewan Naude: “Fuck I’m ruggedly good-looking.”

Peter Coetzee: “Leonard is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Who can understand him except Pannevis?”

Conrad Botes: “Hmph, its Kobtober, los my die fok uit”

Jazz Kuschke: “Not since Major Grant turned on John McClane in Die Hard 2 have I seen such a betrayal.”

I give to you the photographic evidence:


Truth is, none of us actually know just how many fingers Dr. Leonard “Captain Mielie Fork” Flemming has… because we’ve never really seen them..

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