Casting like the Flemish

Casting like the Flemish

I thought I’d heard of them all… The roll cast, the steeple cast, the Spey cast, the overhead cast, the reach cast, the Skagit cast, the double haul. (It’s a long list and some differ only fractionally!)

But thanks to the guys at Gink and Gasoline, I learnt a new one today. The Belgian Cast. Also known as the oval cast.

Personally, when the wind is giving me gears over my casting side I’ve always just switched over to backhand casting and have had just as much success with distance and hookups (I think so anyway!). But it is interesting to see a new angle on dealing with a most annoying situation of having the wind blasting your casting ear.

It is also a great cast to have a good grasp of when casting heavy flies as it keeps the fly from tangling in the forward loop.

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  1. […] And great way to widen your loop without slowing down too much is to master the BELGIAN CAST, also known as the Oval Cast. This cast requires you to CHANGE THE PLAIN OF YOUR ROD TIP as you cast. Sidearm cast back and forward over the top without a pause between the two. It is explained very clearly in this video of Bruce Chard. […]


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