LET'S LAUNCH INTO THE WEEKEND with a few green monster vibes. Two of The Mission's readers have won themselves a one-of-a-kind Swift Epic Fibreglass Rod. Was it you? In issue 5, we featured Da Riddim Stick, a unique dry fly wizard wand in Rasta racing stripes based on Swift Epic's nude 480 4-weight blank. From [...]

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THIS WEEK at The Mission: We interviewed Oliver White for the next issue and had a great chat about fishing (duh), plastic (obvs), Arapaima (fokken huge), Lesotho, Sudan, Wall Street, North Carolina, his family, his dog Bono, his Ford Bronco and more. On the subject of Ford Broncos, we drooled over this Fearless Ford Bronco. [...]

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The latest brand videos from Orvis, focused specifically on the Helios 3, one of the big winners at last year's ICAST/IFTD. Want more? Check out their trick shot video HERE. The Helios 3 and other Orvis rods are available in South Africa from Mavungana Flyfishing.      

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For a destination where every fish appears to be a trophy (even if the relative 'slinny' water of the Barrancoso river),  check out this neat little highlights clip of Jurassic Lake (aka Lake Strobel in Argentina) from Mavungana Flyfishing. Keep an eye out for an upcoming Jurassic Lake story in issue 9 (May/June).    

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THERE ARE A FEW THINGS WE LIKE  about the sound of Austin, Texas. For one, Jako Lucas, aka Capt. Jack, aka Lego-stepper extraordinaire just moved there (read more about him in issue 2). Secondly, they just signed Christiaan Pretorius, another top South African guide, as an ambassador (he featured a High 5s here). Last, but [...]

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  KOB AND LEERVIS – we chase them like mad in the Western Cape, but truth be told we have some serious inferiority complex over the fish that are caught in the Eastern Cape and more specifically the Transkei/Wild Coast. So, when I started seeing Nqabara Eco River Lodge pop up in my Facebook feed [...]

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FRESH from the mercurial Rolf Nylinder is this video that he not only shot, but also wrote the music too as part of what he calls his wannabee musician project, The Mosvold Hotel. Enjoy.

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Fresh from an undisclosed deep jungle location populated by massive fish (to be revealed soon), we catch up with 'Dogs of War' director Johan 'Vossie' Vorster of Flybox Films and Happy Hand Grenade Productions.   What is your background? I’ve been working in the film/tv industry for the last 18 years. I have worked behind [...]

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