Gold flashed and I ducked behind the shrubbery. In the pale morning light, a spectacle emerged. A thick black cloud of fry penned in by chub, barbel and bream. There was no urgency. The fish seemed to take turns at the soup kitchen. Fresh fish soup was on the menu.  They would slowly cruise into [...]


Sploosh. Another huge rat jumped off the shore into the river.   Their swimming prowess underwater is unreal. The speed, agility and comfort in water was surprising.  I am sure that pike are all too happy to snack on them.    Anyone who watches Fly vs Jerk will have seen the huge success of the [...]

FANCY PANTS – Speeding up and tricking out the Flatnose Silicone Mullet

So one of the upsides of lockdown has been a lot more spare time on one's hands to fuck around at the vice. I think since March I have tied enough flies for a dozen trips or more. Having the creative outlet at the vice has certainly done a lot to stave off the darkness [...]


Sizeable, visible, and seemingly impossible, there are few fish as infuriating as spotted grunter. As much as anyone can figure them out, a select few like Jannie Visser have. Listen up. From pancakes and prawns, JAM and turds, these are his pearls of grunter wisdom. As pin-ups on the res walls of Stellenbosch University students [...]


Geelbek on fly, at night. In the pursuit of impossible fish Jimmy Eagleton finds both solace and success while the rest of us are sleeping. Written by Tudor Caradoc-Davies and featured in The Mission Fly Mag Issue 02. I’m 35, a relatively large, bearded, ex-rugby playing man, but I’m being pushed out towards this island [...]