The Hardy Fortuna's use of gaskets under the stainless screws in the drag system raised two massive questions; why the hell does no one else do it?  And why the hell isn't it done elsewhere? I had a few different Loctite Gasket maker versions in the garage and the 598 Black worked beautifully.  If you've [...]

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"The most satisfying fish are the ones when I set a certain goal for myself. Usually I just fish for the sake of fishing, but sometimes I set specific goals, like my first permit after several trips down to Belize, my first world record after several trips over to Louisiana and my first Grand Slam." [...]

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ONE of our favourite fly fishing website/blogs is Le Mouching, which is captained by Cyril Kamir. If you have not yet checked them out, we suggest you do so. Bilingual (English and French) and irreverent in both languages, Le Mouching always puts out brilliant content, whether it's from their fishing film work all over the [...]

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We've done the draw for the one-of-a-kind Black Mamba rod made by Swift Fly Fishing's Trevor Bourne for issue 10 of The Mission and the lucky bastard taking home this one-of-a-kind, premium quality 6-weight carbon fibre (graphite) fly rod is Mr Gareth Cooke. Congratulations, you lucky bugger. If you are one of the billions of [...]

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  A few months back, Cameron Cushman won our Swift Fly Fishing Epic rod give away, which saw him receive 'The Motivational Carrot,' a pimped 476 Packlight Fastglass 5-piece smuggler rod.   While stoked for him, we had no idea who he was and what he could do behind a camera. Since then, he's gone [...]

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"We’d come to target a fish that holds a much revered place in South African saltwater fly-fishing lore. The Maputaland GT (Caranx ignoblis) is something of a unicorn. To bring a good one, 100cm plus, to hand from shore in South Africa is holy grail stuff, the tales of which are whispered in hushed tones [...]

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It shouldn't have come as a surprise that the one pattern that stood out on the trip involved spun foam.  We just cant seem to get away from it lately.  Whether its hydraulics on the tail created from the foam or some other underwater phenomenon - there is something about it that just works. I spent [...]


In Issue 11 of The Mission, Berg River carp whisperer Platon Trakoshis wrote about the etymology and entomology of his go-to carp pattern, The Lalu Bug. Here's the step-by-step to go with his story.     MATERIALS: Hook – No. 8 Jig hook – Hanak H470 BL or similar but make sure it’s [...]

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