Jono Shales from Exmouth Fly Fishing is known for targeting free swimming black marlin on fly; in this clip he hooks up with a free swimming sailfish. For those who don't know these fish well, they are successfully targeted by teasing, but seldom react to a single plug or fly fished from a relatively stationary [...]

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Aussie salmon on sight

Photo essay by Liam Surridge We see a lot of nice fishing photographs on the internet, but only a few of those make us go "Wow! I need to experience that!". Liam Surridge moved to Perth a few years ago and it seems he's decided to stay for good. I don't blame the bugger considering the [...]

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Bull shark down under

By Richard Schumann I recently had the good fortune of fishing some remote flats in Oz and on the day in question, I had had a good flats session and as the tide started running out, some good sized blacktip reef sharks moved onto the flat and I managed to pin one. Soon thereafter a small bull shark [...]

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Fishing the Snowy Mountains – Australia

Keep an eye out for this: "Australia’s Snowy Mountains – with it’s high country plains, wild brumbies and kangaroos, and streams full of wild brown trout – is home to some of the country’s most beautiful Alpine scenery." - Timeflees, Filippo Rivetti

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Exmouth Magic

Jono Shales of Exmouth Fly Fishing is forever keeping us jealous with an endless stream of wild fly fishing photos. This video was put together by a recent client Tanya Raath and her husband Carl. A big thanks to Tanya for the share!