Basket case ̵...

Too big; too small; too deep; too shallow; too square; too round; too oval; too rectangular. Too punk rockā€¦Not punk

A Bit of History,...

Most of those interested in the pursuit of Saltwater fish with a flyrod, have no doubt heard the name of


I always wanted to tie a fly of this color pattern. Got bored tonight and decided to tie one since

Glow bugs

I got bored one evening and thought I should try something new. Since the idea of Grunter fishing at night

Another Crab Fly

I just thought I would add another crab fly for those guys out there that want some variety. [youtube=]

Field Testing A B...

Flatheads...They're pretty mean fish. They break hooks and make a trip expensive before you know it. Jigs and flies don't

Grunters At Night

Going farther and/or deeper doesn't always guarantee you fish, because the best time for man to fish, isn't always the

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