Text by Ewan Naude and photos by Leonard Flemming Looking for another piece of the puzzle, new water, and new expectations. The palpable excitement of seeing a different section of the same river for the first time and knowing that the archives document a time when your unicorn was one of many. Getting to this [...]

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If you enjoy wetting a line in the estuaries that abound along South Africa's east coast, then you have undoubtedly spent some time trying get your paws on a spotted grunter. And when success alludes you, as it does us all at some point, I'm sure you have wondered, where do the grunter go? So [...]

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The following article featured on the Red Bull website: Anglers often use the joy they find in the mountains, the scenic tranquil atmosphere and viewing wildlife as an excuse to carry a fly rod around. If these things were truly the elements of excitement in fishing, then hikes, outdoor photography clinics and game drives would [...]

The Beach of Death

Intent. I was there with an intent. In today’s broken world of waste, refuse and discardment, I wanted to find a place untouched. Somewhere devoid of the signs of progress. I was disappointed. Bitterly. I had travelled thousands of kilometers to get here. I had scoured information for any source – and there wasn’t much. [...]

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From El Nino to El Nina and the Sweet Bits in Between

On the Highveld our warm season has been a case  of famine or feast. Spring didn't last long as the drought conditions put  strain on the streams and the fish. Even our tailwater fishery below the Barrage took strain. One fish that's not put off by low flows and high temps are carp. They regularly popped [...]

El Nino, Natal and Some Historical Perspective

Words and photos courtesy of Rex Fey It’s the 14th January 2016, and thunder is rumbling in the distance. I reckon runaway fires could be a real problem today. Runaway fires in January you ask? Yes in January! Here in Kokstad we are having a drought of the brown kind. I hear lots of talk [...]

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Bullshark vs Hippos

Out of Africa, always something new. Bullsharks have been recorded hundreds of kilometeres up the Zambezi and other rivers. It's even believed that there is a breeding colony behind the wall of Cohora Bassa - "It is widely believed that there is a breeding colony of Zambezi Shark "trapped" inside the dam. As the Bull Shark [...]

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Into the Great Wide Open – Part 1: Adventures to St.Brandons Atoll

“Into the Great Wide Open…Under them skies of Blue… Out in the great wide open…. A Rebel without a clue”… I wonder if Tom Petty had wandering fisherman in mind when he penned his 1991 classic… But whenever I’m off on a mission to chase fish somewhere off the regular grid, this chorus is never [...]