A Bit of History, a Bit of Innovation and a bunch of Magic

Most of those interested in the pursuit of Saltwater fish with a flyrod, have no doubt heard the name of Flip Pallot... An early pioneer of chasing the worlds premier shallow water gamefish on fly, Flip is responsible for a huge number of innovations and techniques we take for granted in this day and age... [...]

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Pic Dump

Please note that we don't own all of these photos/pictures, but we do love them and love sharing them - click on some of the pictures to see movie clips or follow links: Softmouth trout Berg River carp underwater - photo by Leonard Flemming Freshwater stingray - photo by Damien [...]

Trout leaping after flies…

I tied two spider imitations for trout many years ago. One was the Wolfspider and the other the Tetrapheasant Spider. The inspiration for the Tetrapheasant Spider came from a small-stream trout that was after long-jawed water spiders dangling in their webs about fifty centimeters above the water. I had spotted the pale rainbow swimming around [...]

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Mid-week pic dump

Please note that we don’t own all of these photos/pictures, but we do love them and love sharing them – click on some of the pictures to see movie clips or follow links: 48 kg Carp caught in South Africa - world record? Rainbow trout from Katse Dam (Southern Africa) [...]

Kenya trout – Ragati River

Some rare footage of trout fishing in Central East Africa: "Footage from an Iolaus day's fly fishing on the Ragati River. The Ragati River Conservancy is situated in the Mt Kenya Forest Reserve at an altitude of some 2,200m consisting of afro-montane forests, alpine heath, marshes and the Ragati river catchment area with some 8 [...]

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Murchison Falls, the centre of the universe?

Murchison Falls is one of the few places in Africa that I am determined to visit. Fred Davis will be heading to the area soonish and he will be taking his fly fishing kit with...I am burning to read his report about the place. Check out this appetizer of what he's in for... https://vimeo.com/121019088

A trip to the NEC

Photographs and text by Jade Dos Santos The North Eastern Cape (NEC) No matter how much you watch the weather before a trip to the NEC highlands, the one thing you can bet on is that it will be temperamental! It is best to contact a local farmer before embarking on the long drive there. [...]

“M” is for Madagascar

Fishing the Radama Archipelago Photographs and text by Edward Truter A collection of photographs from northwestern Madagascar while on an offshore spinning and vertical jigging jolly with host, Radama Sporfishing (www.radama-fishing-lodge.com) “A” is for Africa but is this Africa? Sort of, though not quite.   “B” is for blue and bright and [...]

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