Maldives Photo Report

A couple of weeks ago a couple friends of feathersandfluoro, Christo Hendriks and Brad Hall, and a few of their friends, went on little cruise around the Maldivian Atolls in search of massive hits on their topwaters and bent jigging rods. The lads unfortunately didn't connect with any real trophies; according to Christo Hendriks, "Hey mate... [...]

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Fishing the Snowy Mountains – Australia

Keep an eye out for this: "Australia’s Snowy Mountains – with it’s high country plains, wild brumbies and kangaroos, and streams full of wild brown trout – is home to some of the country’s most beautiful Alpine scenery." - Timeflees, Filippo Rivetti

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The All Season Angler – Paula Shearer

Reposted with the kind permission of Paula Shearer - PS On The Fly The all season angler is the fisherman who will push through it all. They are the ones that can be seen braving the coldest of temperatures, the rainiest of days, and sporting the best and worst of tan lines. It is these [...]

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The Klippies en Kolgaans

I really enjoyed watching this FlyBru production of Gordon van der Spuy (Fanie Visagie) tying a popular Western Cape trout fly; Gordon shares some good fly tying tips in this 'tongue in cheek' movie. Rumour has it that the FlyBru team is working on the next Fanie Visagie fly tying demo - we are looking forward to [...]

Not your Average Friday

Billy McCarthy is singing to me... The Augustines front man's soul is pouring out of my Land Rovers speakers, while the early winter countryside along the N2 east bound rolls past my window... the "Check Brake Pads" light on the dashboard  keeps flashing its orange warning at me, but I'm ignoring it... Its Thursday, I'm not [...]

A Bit of History, a Bit of Innovation and a bunch of Magic

Most of those interested in the pursuit of Saltwater fish with a flyrod, have no doubt heard the name of Flip Pallot... An early pioneer of chasing the worlds premier shallow water gamefish on fly, Flip is responsible for a huge number of innovations and techniques we take for granted in this day and age... [...]

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Queen of The Pool

I met some interesting fishing folk on my trip to the Red Sea last week. Since two pairs of the six Tourette Fishing clients on the trip were well acquainted with each other (respectively), I teamed up with Jeff Tyser, the only other solitary fisherman on the boat trip and shared a wonderful fishing adventure with him on the [...]

Humpday Unwind

Those atolls in the southern reaches of the Seychelles islands are any fly fisherman's dream! If you're not convinced, take a look at Christiaan Pretorius' sick short film!