River Bream caught at Umngazi


Over the recent school break, my family and I spent the week at Umngazi. It was a family holiday and

Forgotten Rivers ...

Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape have plenty of fantastic river fishing which remains almost completely unknown to most fly

Winkling Trout fr...

[caption id="attachment_14840" align="alignnone" width="768"] Delighted to break my run of blank days.[/caption] Winkling trout is a phrase that Andrew and

Return to The Kei

Photos: JD Filmalter, Johannes Meyer and Yours Truly It was always going to be a fishing holiday. We would be

Transkei Browns

I've spoken many times of the hidden Transkei Trout gems... There's a spot deep in the rolling foothills of the
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Transkei Tenkara

Rex Fey has been at it again. He recently acquired for himself a TenkaraUSA rod. He took it out on

Transkei Trip Report

Just the moderate climate in the Transkei makes a wintertime trip from the Cape worthwhile! We arrived at the boathouse

Transkei Trout

My father grew up in the Transkei. My grandfather was part of the initial stocking of many of the rivers
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Transkei Fun R...

Just got back from a few days at Umbotyi on the Pondoland coast. We managed to get some time in

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