In search of Trachinotus africanus (aka the fourth permit), Oliver White and Jako Lucas went to Oman. They came away


In Oman I finally pinned a Two Bar Seabream. They'd been frustrating me here in Qatar; I'd seen them but


If you're a follower of Skinny Water Culture or No Boundaries Oman, you'll know that the SWC crew killed it

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Mark Taylor and Jeff Tyseer got hold of me awhile back about a Permit mission they doing to Oman's southern

Oman Part 2: Afri...

Finding myself back on a familiar beach got me thinking. Had I over-reacted? My mother would probably say no. I

Oman Part 1: Smug...

After a whirlwind of Saudi transitting, catchups with friends in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it was time to head to

A Time To Explore

My move to the Qatar was based on a several factors – and strangely, for the first in my life

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