Most people that have caught Witte River brown trout would agree that they have a distinct look and feel to them. They are leaner, 'slippery like eels' and I guess arguably more beautifully spotted than most of the brown trout that we catch in other rivers in this province. They also don't behave like typical [...]


From enrolling at Pavon Campus, to signing up for Bicuda 101 and graduating in Advanced Payara, Luke Barrell visited the Orinoco River in Colombia to get an education. Full story in issue 34 of The Mission. It’s been difficult coming back to reality the last few weeks. My current home is in Northampton (UK) and, [...]


It’s not often you get given the “job” of exploring remote valleys to find trout in seldom fished rivers. When Luke Pannell and fellow guide Ruhan Kruger went to Lesotho, they found all that, plus mythical water-beasts, runaway donkeys, midnight cowboys and more. Full story in issue 34 of The Mission. For as long as [...]


Old Sterkies hand? Then there’s a good chance this article will make you yawn and mutter something along the lines of, “No shit Sherlock”. But that’s alright because, as one of the uninitiated, Tudor Caradoc-Davies put this together with fellow Sterkies neophytes in mind. It’s for Noobs, like him, who have just never made a [...]


So I've been dreaming about a yellowfish fly fishing mission to the tropical parts of Africa for some time now, where - as Ed Truter recommended - one may need a short, '6 ft fly rod' to cast under a canopy of low-hanging trees. The higher reaches of African rivers can be very bushed in [...]


"In front of me, I had a rare week of fishing in the mountains. No kids, no work to be done. I was just going to be a fly fisher." That line from early on in Rolf Nylinder's new 48 minute film, 'Subtitles', really resonated with us and that was before we even got into [...]


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