Neglecting work to take advantage of a glorious gap, Jazz Kuschke finds success targeting bonito on fly off the rocks in the Southern Cape. “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain” - Jack Kerouac The window creaked open at [...]


From "Undercurrents" in The Mission Issue 23: When Alex McLeod of Omnispool (manufacturers of the nifty Switchbox line management system) landed on the remote Seychelles island of St Brandon’s, he found himself in bonefishers’ heaven.  The gods were smiling on him and life was just peachy.  He relaxed. He dropped his guard.  Then things changed [...]


This excerpt is from the Tim Babich profile, 'The Chameleon' in issue 32 of The Mission. Over the years of hard salty slog, from Cosmo, to Providence, then on to St Brandon’s and back, post-piracy, to the Seychelles with FlyCastaway on Farquhar Atoll, Tim grew as a guide. As with most people who spend enough [...]


For the last two years I've questioned my passion for fly fishing. Lost and in love with my work all but drowned out fantasies of wish list fish and far-away exploration. Even standing on a beach in Gabon, in the peach morning light I was left wondering if it was still there. And then you [...]


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