Natal scalies may be aggressive at times and eat big flies, but they are no pushover. We (Jeff Tyser, Ben Pellegrini and me) had many big yellow mambas swim over to check out our flies, but most of them either spat the fly out so quickly we couldn't connect with them (they sipped and spat [...]


Single nymphs, long leaders, extreme stealth - fly fishing for Bushveld smallscale yellowfish is usually a delicate affair. Until Craig Pappin started lobbing mice flies designed for taimen. "It was over a bottle of rum that I got the wild idea of throwing a massive articulated mouse fly fit for taimen at our local yellows [...]


Whether you’re a believer in the divine, dabble in the pseudo-science of intelligent design, embrace the wonder of serendipity, or accept that humans sometimes just get lucky, there is no escaping the fact that some things put on the earth are simply perfect. From humble bass bugs, to the lethal Swiss Army knife utilitarianism of [...]


Snowshoe is not regular in South Africa. I was introduced to this funky dry fly material via Instagram (the platform may have its pros and cons, but the pros still outweigh the cons for me so far...Like spotting great-looking fly patterns and 'new' fly tying materials). Materials I came across on Instagram, which I really [...]


From representing, captaining and coaching South African fly fishing teams all over the world, to whispering to spotted grunter on the sandbanks of the Breede river, fighting Geets in the Indian Ocean or snapper in Gabon, we know very few anglers who can match MC Coetzer for all-round skills. Massive streamers, micro-nymphs, delicate dries, salt, [...]


Plop.  Greedy eyes swivelled towards the commotion. As they focussed, I swear she licked her fat rubber lips at the fry pattern hovering 1.5m away.  She stroked her whiskers, cruised over and slurped it down. A plan was coming together and this was a welcome change. No hesitation or suspicion.  Since moving to the Netherlands [...]


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