For as long as SA fly fishers have been obsessed with grunter, misconceptions and heresies have spread about fishing for them. Noticeably, and especially in the Western Cape, many grunter hunters have focused almost exclusively on one ubiquitous grunter food, the mud prawn. But has tunnel vision inadvertently done us out of options? Yeah, maybe. [...]


Whether you’re a believer in the divine, dabble in the pseudo-science of intelligent design, embrace the wonder of serendipity, or accept that humans sometimes just get lucky, there is no escaping the fact that some things put on the earth are simply perfect. From humble bass bugs, to the lethal Swiss Army knife utilitarianism of [...]


No stranger to big fish, when Meredith McCord visited the flats of Sudan she was on the hunt for triggerfish, bluefin trevally and GTs. What she didn’t expect was the spaghetti worm.   No one expects the spaghetti worm.   “What is that?” I asked, awe-struck, as I stood looking in front of the three [...]


Something I've been missing in my fly boxes are decent poppers. Deer hair poppers look mint and fish well, but they are simply too time consuming for a dad with two toddlers in the house! So I took the easy route and bought some foam popper heads - besides, I also wanted to use them [...]


Mullet are suckers for a floating sand flea imitation. This is especially true along beaches where masses of sand fleas are writhing under every frond of decaying kelp.  This was not one of those beaches. On numerous occasions when action was slow, schools of mullet had me wishing that I had a few mullet flies [...]


Glossy, durable, flexible and perfect for fly tying. In Pattex 100% Platon Trakoshis believes he has found the ultimate fly tying glue for building baitfish heads Glue. It’s always such a big question and discussion with fly tiers. “What did you glue the eyes on with? How did you make that head? What are you [...]

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