Natal scalies may be aggressive at times and eat big flies, but they are no pushover. We (Jeff Tyser, Ben Pellegrini and me) had many big yellow mambas swim over to check out our flies, but most of them either spat the fly out so quickly we couldn't connect with them (they sipped and spat [...]


Is there such a thing as a perfect fly? I believe there are many well tied flies that have a great 'strike rate' among different fishes - these, in my book, qualify as 'perfect' flies.  When I say 'well tied' I don't mean 'pretty', but rather clever combinations of materials to create buggy flies that [...]


I usually have more than one reel to clean when im coming back from a trip, and although the line winder can take two lots of backing, thats usually not enough and I hate the dance of moving things on and off.  The perforations do make it great for cleaning fly reel backing.  In my [...]

FANCY PANTS – Speeding up and tricking out the Flatnose Silicone Mullet

So one of the upsides of lockdown has been a lot more spare time on one's hands to fuck around at the vice. I think since March I have tied enough flies for a dozen trips or more. Having the creative outlet at the vice has certainly done a lot to stave off the darkness [...]


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