The late Paul Weingartz holds a special place in South African Saltwater Flyfishing lore. He spent more time than most chasing GTs along the Zululand coast and is part of a very elite club of anglers who have caught a 1m+ GT from the shore in South Africa. Prior to our first Farquhar trip, Fred [...]

Sometimes, it just takes a fish…

The drive in had been special. Up over Sani - that special pass into Lesotho which will soon be lost to tar - with a not so quick stop at Sani Top for a burger and Maloti Lager. We were on route to Katze to visit Ryan and Jen Weaver. The main road from Sani [...]

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Return to Grand Anse

A tropical flat – any shallow area of sand, grass and coral surrounded by warm azure waters – will always grab my attention and imagination. The first real flats fishing I ever did was on the sand spit in front of the now disappeared Mason’s Travel in Grand Anse on Praslin Island. The Seychelles have, [...]

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Nautilus X-Frame: First Impressions

Yesterday I picked up my new Nautilus X-Frame and I was immediately taken by its weight. It's just so light! Even now, after spooling, it almost feels too light to be a serious saltwater reel. But to be honest, once handled you realised what a solidly built, serious piece of kit this reel is. And it looks good [...]

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The Beach of Death

Intent. I was there with an intent. In today’s broken world of waste, refuse and discardment, I wanted to find a place untouched. Somewhere devoid of the signs of progress. I was disappointed. Bitterly. I had travelled thousands of kilometers to get here. I had scoured information for any source – and there wasn’t much. [...]

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Oman Part 2: African Gold and Dirty Queens

Finding myself back on a familiar beach got me thinking. Had I over-reacted? My mother would probably say no. I had left an unwalked beach, that I had been spying on Google for ages, early. Were the Perms there today? Smashing crabs and snails in the shore wash? Did my rush out cost me? One [...]

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Bullshark vs Hippos

Out of Africa, always something new. Bullsharks have been recorded hundreds of kilometeres up the Zambezi and other rivers. It's even believed that there is a breeding colony behind the wall of Cohora Bassa - "It is widely believed that there is a breeding colony of Zambezi Shark "trapped" inside the dam. As the Bull Shark [...]

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