A haircut? A mindset? Or, a fish? If you visit the Rio Irigoyen, you’re pretty certain to be looking for sea trout but, if Neptune smiles upon you, there’s an outside chance you might catch this beauty, the róbalo AKA Falklands mullet. Tom Clinton,* store manager of Farlows in London, encountered these fish recently. In [...]


"You won't land that fish", said Piet.  A sense of finality from the first glimpse of the huge shape passing under his canoe. The most bitter sweet fishing event I have experienced.   A family trip floating down the Orange river is magical. Relaxed, social, happy. The fishing pretty good too. The water was ultra [...]


IT'S NO SECRET that we’re fans of the guys over at Podsol Fly Fishing (, a motley crew of film-making fly fishing creatives, consisting of filmmaker/musician Rolf Nylinder (our main profile in issue 11), jazz musician Håvard Stubø (aka, Jazz and Fly Fishing), Kristian Mattson (aka the musician ‘The Tallest Man on Earth’) and Markus [...]


The idea to trim thick, palmered Cul de Canard (CDC) to shape a juicy abdomen was inspired by Tom Sutcliffe's DDD - simply pronounced as 'Triple D' (see previous post...). Tom made the 'DDDs' that he tied famous in South Africa - there are several forms (deerhair with hackle feathers, klipspringer hair with hackle feathers [...]


Two off-duty Orange River fly fishing guides, Matt Gorlei and Luke Pannell, return to Cape Town for some off-season down-time. What does a guide do when they are not guiding? Spam Instagram with species they, “Can’t stop thinking about…”? Fall into the loving embrace of their significant others? Have a shave, a hot shower, a non-longdrop shit and put on a nice shirt? Hit a club and tear the ring out of it? Nyet. They make a quick plan to head deep into the nearby mountains for a short, two-night session spent hunting fabled brown trout.