Fly fishing – genteel sport for limp-wristed, tweed-clad, upper-class twits. Right? Try again. As Jazz Kuschke writes in his issue 30 'NO Time To Die' feature, fly-fishing can result in severe injury or death, from breaking bones in distant valleys, to being attacked by two-ton pachyderms, stung, bitten or washed out to sea. User discretion [...]


It's been a fun couple of months and one of the highlights was a mission we made to the Orange River where we teamed up with Jeep Apparel, makers of gritty outdoor/urban clobber, who have come out with a new range of clothing that they wanted to test in the field on us. That was [...]


What if we can have the best of both worlds – brilliant trout fishing in the mountains of the Western Cape AND new (yet ancient) fisheries for large indigenous species that readily take a fly? If game-changing conservation biologist Dr Jeremy Shelton’s vision for the future is accurate, that will be the reality if stakeholders [...]


Of course I'd heard about surface-feeding vittatus. I'd seen the videos too, like this one of bird-eating tigers. In October 2019 Ewan Naude and I were on the upper Zambezi at Sioma Falls (Ngonye Falls) with Wildman Fishing Co. Early one morning we saw some peculiar surface boils in a quiet bay. Part of our [...]


As far as fishing towns go, there are few places in South Africa that surpass Dullstroom. If he’s not out guiding clients you’re likely to meet local legend John Thoabala behind the counter of Mavungana Flyfishing’s Dullstroom store. Buy him a cup of tea, then ask him where the lunkers are because, if anyone knows [...]


Snowshoe is not regular in South Africa. I was introduced to this funky dry fly material via Instagram (the platform may have its pros and cons, but the pros still outweigh the cons for me so far...Like spotting great-looking fly patterns and 'new' fly tying materials). Materials I came across on Instagram, which I really [...]


To put into perspective how wild and remote Camp Chinko in the Central African Republic is and what a feat it is to land a proper Goliath tigerfish - let it sink in that they had one guest last year, record-busting fly angler Jeremy Block. In this excerpt from our issue 28 interview with guide [...]

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